Kyoto Mito Futon

A double futon is great to have in a house that does not have enough place to fit too many beds into but still has a lot of guests visiting. A futon, a traditional Japanese piece of furniture, provides sitting space while folded upright and becomes a bed when opened up. They were originally made from layers of cotton or from fibre wadding. These layers would then mould themselves around the person who was sleeping on the futon. The Kyoto Mito Futon tries to provide the same level of comfort to all its customers by giving them a world class double futon.

This double futon is made in classic pine along with a slatted base. It changes shape easily, within minutes, from being a sofa to being a bed, providing comfort to both – the people who sleep on it as well as the people who sit on the sofa. The chair has a width of 137.5cm while the height is 75cm. The depth of the double futon is 85cm. However, when the futon is folded out into a bed, the dimensions change to 137 x 195cm. This double futon is available in a range of shapes and colours, allowing you to pick one that most suits your style.

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