Kyoto Futon – Bonsai

A double futon acts as a double investment. It works perfectly as a sofa that can be kept in any part of the house for people to sit and as extra seating for when there is a big party at home. It can also be folded out to make a comfortable and practical bed for guests to sleep on or even if you feel like dragging your futon into your children’s room and spending the night with them.

The double futon called the Bonsai futon from Kyoto is a handy double futon which will last for a long time, working perfectly for years. This metal double futon has a simple design and an easy, durable mechanism along with sturdy legs and a titan silver finish. This makes it a great buy, ensuring that you have a practical piece of furniture for you and for the guests that visit you over the years.

This double futon has sprung beech slats made from beech coloured wood. The medium tension provided is ideal for a good sleep. As for the size, the futon measures 135 x 190cm. and the Columbard standard mattress makes sure that you have a comfortable night when you sleep on this double futon.

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