Futon Shop

A futon is an asset in any part of the house and you can put it in just about any room. It’s great in the living room, in the bedroom, in the TV room, wherever. Most of them come in colours and styles that can match any décor in any of your rooms so you don’t need to go redo your room just because you’ve decided to add a double futon to it. You can get a double futon with a metal frame or a wooden frame, depending on what you want.

The great thing about a double futon is its adaptability. One moment it is a sofa to sit on and the next, it is a comfortable double bed. This is a great advantage in a cramped room like a dorm or even in a teenager’s room or a guest bedroom where it can stay up as a sofa all day long and then convert to a bed at night, It just gives you so much more room while allowing you the luxury of having an extra double bed at night.

What is also great about the double futon is the ease with which you can open it out and then change it back to being a sofa again. Try and choose a double futon with a thick mattress so you can lounge comfortably and sleep on comfortably. Most of them are durable and their simple operation makes it such a pleasure to have one around.