Futon Frames

An alternative to buying a full futon set which comprises of the futon frame and the futon mattress is to buy the futon frame separately. Although most people prefer to buy the complete set there are a few reasons why you might want to buy just the frame.

My first futon was a simple one with wooden slats like the Darwin futon. When I first got it I was really pleased with it and loved the low sleeping position you get from having a bed so close to the floor. It was great to leave down during the day but was even better when it was folded up. It turned my teenage bedroom into a mini lounge and when I had my friends round they could sit on a sofa instead of a bed. It really made a difference to my room which me and my friends appreciated.

The only problem was that after a few months I managed to snap one of the wooden slats that make up the frame of the futon. I was folding it up one day and I miss-stepped and accidentally stood full force on the wrong part of the wooden frame and it snapped. Now my once ultra comfy futon had a problem! It began to sag on the part where I had broken the base and over the weeks the mattress became misshapen. It was only slight at first but a few weeks later I made the same mistake again and broke another one. Now there was a large area of futon mattress that was unsupported and the mattress began to become even more out of shape and uncomfortable. I eventually got around to fixing it with some wood I found that was a similar length. It did the job but it wasn’t a very aesthetically pleasing solution and had I known better I probably would’ve tried to find a new futon frame. Ideally before the mattress got completely out of shape.

So that is one reason why you might want to buy a futon frame on its own: because you are clumsy and managed to break the old one.

Another reason for wanting to buy one might be that you have acquired a nice futon mattress that came without a base. In this case you definitely need to get one unless you are happy to rest the mattress directly on the floor which is ok but kind of defeats the point of having a futon as you are not able to fold it up and use it as a sofa.

You might not even have a futon mattress and just a regular one or a double foam memory mattress you want a base for. If this is the case then you will not be able to fold up the bed into a sofa but you will be able to have a nice low sleeping position that a lot of people like.

Whatever your reason you will be pleased to know there are a few good futon frames available to buy online.