Double Wooden Futon with Black Mattress

A double futon is the perfect piece of furniture to have in any house. Its acts as a two-in-one as it carries out two great functions- it can be folded and used as a chair and it can be spread out to be used as a double bed. The Double Wooden Futon with Black Mattress is a smart and convenient product by Comfy Living. This double futon has a sturdy pine base that gives it a well finished look and also makes sure that your futon is strong and lasts for a long time.

This double futon comprises of two parts that join together with a simple push of the hand. This easy-to-set-up double futon requires no tools and hardly any time to make it into a comfortable bed. The black mattress on the futon is tufted and is filled with high quality filling. When the double futon is folded into a chair, it can seat two people and has dimensions of 135cm W x 100cm H x 110cm D. When the futon is folded out, it becomes a double bed and has dimensions of 135cm W x 180cm H x 13cm D.

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