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A futon is an asset in any part of the house and you can put it in just about any room. It’s great in the living room, in the bedroom, in the TV room, wherever. Most of them come in colours and styles that can match any décor in any of your rooms so you don’t need to go redo your room just because you’ve decided to add a double futon to it. You can get a double futon with a metal frame or a wooden frame, depending on what you want.

The great thing about a double futon is its adaptability. One moment it is a sofa to sit on and the next, it is a comfortable double bed. This is a great advantage in a cramped room like a dorm or even in a teenager’s room or a guest bedroom where it can stay up as a sofa all day long and then convert to a bed at night, It just gives you so much more room while allowing you the luxury of having an extra double bed at night.

What is also great about the double futon is the ease with which you can open it out and then change it back to being a sofa again. Try and choose a double futon with a thick mattress so you can lounge comfortably and sleep on comfortably. Most of them are durable and their simple operation makes it such a pleasure to have one around.

Double Wooden Futon with Black Mattress

A double futon is the perfect piece of furniture to have in any house. Its acts as a two-in-one as it carries out two great functions- it can be folded and used as a chair and it can be spread out to be used as a double bed. The Double Wooden Futon with Black Mattress is a smart and convenient product by Comfy Living. This double futon has a sturdy pine base that gives it a well finished look and also makes sure that your futon is strong and lasts for a long time.

This double futon comprises of two parts that join together with a simple push of the hand. This easy-to-set-up double futon requires no tools and hardly any time to make it into a comfortable bed. The black mattress on the futon is tufted and is filled with high quality filling. When the double futon is folded into a chair, it can seat two people and has dimensions of 135cm W x 100cm H x 110cm D. When the futon is folded out, it becomes a double bed and has dimensions of 135cm W x 180cm H x 13cm D.

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Drop Leaf Tables

The drop leaf design of table is a style that can be accurately traced back to the late 16th century. Originating in England the drop leaf table has become a classic design that adds a certain style and flare to any room it is placed in. Generally a drop leaf table features two side panels attached to a fixed centre, these panels are hinged and so can be extended to double or triple the size of the table.

Now a highly popular choice of furniture throughout the western world not only due to its elegance and classic design but also owing to its space saving qualities. For those who have limited dining space it provides an ideal solution as the hinged panels allow for compact folding, freeing up space when not in use.
Another great thing about a drop leaf table is that they are ideal for use in any room and whatever age or period theme your home is based on there will be a drop leaf table to compliment it.

Darwin Futon

A double futon is a must-have in any house, whether the house is big or small. The futon can be kept as a stylish piece of furniture in the living room, it can be kept as an extra bed in the children’s room, it can be used as the bed in a small guest room to save space and it can also be kept along with another bed in a guest room as a sofa that folds out if there are extra guests. The Darwin double futon from Cambridge futons gives you the perfect futon to make your home perfect.

This double futon is traditionally styled and very durable. This futon, made from high quality pine, can be shifted between a sofa and a bed in one quick motion, saving you time and trouble. The styles come in different fabrics and colours, allowing you to choose one that will blend in with your other furniture and be a great match for your home.

This double futon comes with a six-layer mattress, letting you have a great sleep at night. As for the dimensions, the Darwin futon has a seat height of 85cm and a seat depth of 100cm. The bed has a length of 200cm.

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Picoult Futon

A double futon is the ideal choice for a small and practical home. And the Picoult Futon in Black acts as the perfect sofa for a living room and a the same time can be folded out to make a great double bed for any guest or even someone who hasn’t moved their beds into their house yet!

The double futon from Picoult in Black aims at not only being a practical bed that saves space in a house but also a stylish sofa for people to sink into after a long day at work. The futon features stylish black leather upholstery and a deep padded seat along with a back rest, allowing you to sink into the sofa or bed when you want to relax. Besides the plush look of the sofa, this double futon has minimal styling, allowing it to blend it with almost any other piece of furniture in your house.

This double futon has dimensions of W 180cm x D 86cm x H 78cm while in the sitting position. When it is folded out to form a bed, it measures a width of 120cm and a depth of 90cm. This ensures that the futon provides enough space for people sitting on it as well as for people sleeping on it.

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Kyoto Futon – Bonsai

A double futon acts as a double investment. It works perfectly as a sofa that can be kept in any part of the house for people to sit and as extra seating for when there is a big party at home. It can also be folded out to make a comfortable and practical bed for guests to sleep on or even if you feel like dragging your futon into your children’s room and spending the night with them.

The double futon called the Bonsai futon from Kyoto is a handy double futon which will last for a long time, working perfectly for years. This metal double futon has a simple design and an easy, durable mechanism along with sturdy legs and a titan silver finish. This makes it a great buy, ensuring that you have a practical piece of furniture for you and for the guests that visit you over the years.

This double futon has sprung beech slats made from beech coloured wood. The medium tension provided is ideal for a good sleep. As for the size, the futon measures 135 x 190cm. and the Columbard standard mattress makes sure that you have a comfortable night when you sleep on this double futon.

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Kyoto Mito Futon

A double futon is great to have in a house that does not have enough place to fit too many beds into but still has a lot of guests visiting. A futon, a traditional Japanese piece of furniture, provides sitting space while folded upright and becomes a bed when opened up. They were originally made from layers of cotton or from fibre wadding. These layers would then mould themselves around the person who was sleeping on the futon. The Kyoto Mito Futon tries to provide the same level of comfort to all its customers by giving them a world class double futon.

This double futon is made in classic pine along with a slatted base. It changes shape easily, within minutes, from being a sofa to being a bed, providing comfort to both – the people who sleep on it as well as the people who sit on the sofa. The chair has a width of 137.5cm while the height is 75cm. The depth of the double futon is 85cm. However, when the futon is folded out into a bed, the dimensions change to 137 x 195cm. This double futon is available in a range of shapes and colours, allowing you to pick one that most suits your style.

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